The Winter Sky Over Chiang Mai Thailand

Last night, I met Dr.
Kijja Jearwattanakanok
Jearwattanakanok, Astropal of Chiang Mai, and took me to Star Spot, which is about 30km away from Chiang Mai city.
The stars that I took after a long time were pleasant.
Mr. Hong Pdamobiz, who joined us locally
Thanks also to Dr. Taratip Weerapan.
I think it will be my first wide-ranging Hoshino photo posting.
For the past two months, I had been hunting only with a focal length of 2000mm, but suddenly I got a 1/100 18mm lens. Moreover, it was a challenge with a Kit lens.
The equipment is for traveling by plane
・ Camera Pentax KP (no modification)
・ Lens Pentax Kit Lens 18mm-55mm
・ Tripod Sony's lightest and cheapest camera tripod
・ Tracking: Astrotracer function by Pentax GPS-Unit.
Even this can be managed.
I was able to safely hunt Barnard's Loop, which was an issue last year.
Besides, there are a lot of Winter Milky Way, Angel Fish, Winter Great Triangle, Rosette and so on.
The sky in Chiang Mai was awesome.

昨晩はChiang MaiのAstropalであるDr.
Kijja Jearwattanakanok
さんにお付き合い頂き、Chiang Mai市内から30kmほど離れたStar Spotへ連れて行っていただいた。
現地で合流していただいた、Mr. Hong Pdamobizさん、
Dr.Taratip Weerapanさんもありがとうございました。
 ・カメラ Pentax KP(無改造)
 ・レンズ Pentax Kit Lens 18mm-55mm
 ・三脚  Sonyの一番軽くて安いカメラ三脚
 ・追尾  PentaxのGPS-UnitによるAstrotracer機能。
無事昨年の課題であったBarnard's LoopをHuntできた。
おまけにWinter Milky Way,Angel Fish, Winter Great Triangle,Rosetteとなんとも盛り沢山だ。
Chiang Mai の空は最高でした。

Place: Chiang Mai Thailand (Bortle Class 3, Moon Phase 46.0%)
Date:6th / Mar / 2021 20:01(UTC+7) Start
Pentax Kit Lens 18mm-55mm (F/3.5 f/18mm)
STC MS Filter 30 SubsX60sec Total 30minutes 
Camera:Pentax KP (Stock)
Filter: STC MS Clip
Mount :Sony Camera Tripod
Guide: Pentax Astrotracer
Pre-Processing APP
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki