Sirius B (Alpha Canis Majoris B)

In recent years, the elongation of Sirius A and B has widened, making it easier to observe.
I saw Japanese and Thai astronomers sharing photos or handwriting and wanted to take a picture soon.
I was adjusting the collimation yesterday, and when I used Sirius to check the live-action film, there are two stars. I thought this was an adjustment failure, so I pointed the telescope at Betelgeuse, but there was only one star.
When I return to Sirius again, there are still two stars.
I finally understood there! !! This is B. Lucky shot!!
The photo is a JPG shot and a crop of it.

そこでやっと解った!!これがBだー。Lucky shot!!

TSRC10 Prime Focus,ASI294MC Gain 120
At Backyard East Pattaya
23rd/Feb/2021 23:48
Shot By Taro Seki