I started watching the electrogram several days ago.
Watching nebula clusters, double stars, and triple stars at Live can be a real choice.
While thinking that this is dark and impossible, aim the telescope at the target, press the start button, and the first image appears on the screen.
When it is projected unexpectedly and neatly, the heart is strangely excited.
Basically, after watching one object for 10 minutes, it looks like the next object. Overnight, I overlook about 10 types of target.

Yesterday, there were 2 targets that I wanted to see more, so I extended the observation time to about 40-50 minutes and observed.
The photo is just an image of the last photo taken, and the brightness level and color were adjusted again for about 10 minutes so that they could be seen with the naked eye.
Since we just saved the observation image, we did not adjust any noise or aberration.

(1) Pillar of creation The central part of the Eagle Nebula (M16) located in the snake constellation in the Milky Way.
This is a wide version of the famous target, which was named Pillar of creation because Hubble photographed the dark nebula in the middle with Zoom and the stars were manufactured in this.
The distance is 7,000 years from Earth.

(2) The Omega Nebula M17, located in the Milky Way, at the intersection of Sagittarius, Constellation, and Ophiuchus. It is a nebula composed of hydrogen atoms called HII, and it shines in a bright red color called H-Alpha emitted by the hydrogen.
For observation, H-Alpha filter was used instead of light pollution filter. Observed, it was an object with its size, the strength of its light emission, and its power.

(3) Messier 20



(1)創造の柱(Pillar of creation)天の川の中にあり、ヘビ座に位置するワシ星雲(M16)の中央部のアップ。
この真ん中にある濃い星雲をハッブルがZoomで撮影しこの中で星が製造されていることからPillar of creationという名前がつけられた、あまりにも有名なターゲットのWide版である。

(2)オメガ星雲 M17、天の川の中にある、いて座、たて座、へび座の交差するあたりに位置する。HIIと呼ばられる水素原子からできている星雲であり、その水素が発するH-Alphaという真っ赤な色で輝いている。

(3) 三列星雲

Celestron 8" FR/0.63
ZWO AIS294MC Gain 390 30sec/Frame
Filter:Optrong L-Pro, L-eNhance
No giude, No calibration ,Only Level adjustment 
Place Backyard East Pattaya
Shot By Taro Seki