Luna (Waxing Gibbous Age 12.4 days)

Normally I don't shot Luna and Planet.
BCS those are able to be watched by eyes.
But my friend request 2 times.
So tonight I capture Luna.
Take 120 shots. And this is best shot for me.


Place Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle class 6, Moon Phase 87.9%)
Date:2020/Mar/7 0:50
Telescope: Celestron Evo 8" (200mm F/10)
Expose:Single shot , no stack
ISO 400, 1/400 Sec
Mount:Celestron AVX (No guide)
Camera: SONY A7S2 (Mod,FF)
filter: Optlong L-Pro

Shot By Taro Seki

MoonA7-Edit01-NW Zoom-Finish