The Eta Carinae Region

The most famous Southern Hemisphere nebula and its surroundings

Stay in Milkeyway cross of Summer and Winter.

The Eta Carinae Region(Follow list is include in this pic)
  Eta Carinae nebula
  Wishing well cluster
  Key hole nebula
  Gem cluster
  Statue of liberty nebula
  Hand cluster
  Etc Some NGC Object,,,,,

Place: BangChang Rayong (Bortle 4, Moon Phase 34.9)
17th/Feb/2020 01:38
Samyang 85mm F1.4. Shot at F2.8
67 Frames X 20 Sec = 22.3 minutes 70% Croped
Sony Alpha 7Sii(Mod, FF)
Filter: Optlong L-Pro
Mount: SW Star Adventure

Shot By Taro Seki