The Sirius

Brightest star in the night sky.
When I watch this star, I can get power.

I shot this pic with my English astro mate Andy Joyce's Spike Star System.
Thank you Andy my old mate.

Also First Light Canon 600D.
Thank you Hiroshi San.

全天で一番明るい星 シリウス。



Place:Backyard East Pattaya Thailand (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase 0.0% New moon)
Date:2020/Jan/25 0:10
Telescope: E.S ED80 Trplet APO (480mm F/6 FF)
ISO 3200
Expose:1sub 10 Sec Total 10Sec.
Mount:Celestron AVX (No guide)
Camera: Canon 600D (Stock,APS-C)
filter: No

Shot By Taro Seki