Winter night long. This bright red seagull flutters between Sirius in Canis major and Procyon in Canis minor all night.
Its apparent size is five times as large as the moon from wing to wing.


Place:Near SCC East Pattaya Thailand (Bortle Class 3, Moon Phase 8.0%)

Date:2019/Nov/30 03:11

Telescope: WO Zenith Star 61 (61mm F/5.9)
OVL Field flattener
ISO 1600

Expose:30 Frames X 30 Sec Total 15 Minutes Trimming

Mount:ES iEXOS-100 (No guide)

Camera: Sony Alpha 7Sii (Mod,APS-C Crop)

filter: Optlong L-eNhance

Shot By Taro Seki