Survey Shot Urban Milkyway

I looked at the sky during a break from work late at night and saw the stars, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed out to the backstreets.
The Milky Way was already starting to tilt to the west, so I couldn't shoot from the planned spot and moved to a position where I could see the Milky Way.
I thought that in 25 seconds with the light pollution I would only be able to capture the stars, but when I stacked them, they were faintly visible.
Anyway, I stretched the image to focus on the Milky Way, but the apartments and waterworks building in the full view were ruined.
For now, it looks like I can continue my old-style starry sky photography project with this Bortle7.


Place: Astropical@East Pattaya Back Street (Bortle Class 7, Moon Phase 51.3%)
Shot Date:14th / Jun / 2024 2:43 (UTC+7)
Fujinon Samyang 14mm F/1.4 (Fstop 1.4)
Filter:Optolong L-QuadEnhance
One shot colour   5X5Secs Total 25 secs

Total 25 secs

Palette: RGB
ISO: 6200
CCD:Fuji X-A7
Mount :Just Tripot
De-Rotator : None
Guide: None.
Controller: None
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle None (Not using Flat)
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki