Scorpion (Survey shot Fuji X-A7+Kit Lens)

The rented house I lived in until last year had a large garden and was surrounded by houses, so direct light pollution was blocked out to a large extent, and it was a Bortle 6 environment. The backyard of my current house has been turned into a kitchen, so there is no place to observe. Therefore, I built a remote observatory 250km north from here with three friends from Thailand.
However, there are times when I want to take pictures while looking at the sky with my own eyes.
I was looking for a used 24mm F/1.4 lens thinking that I would take some easy starry sky photos, but
Fuji's XA series kept coming up. When I looked at the price, it was cheaper than the lens. I couldn't find the lens I was looking for at a reasonable price, so I changed my strategy and bought a 5-year-old mirrorless camera called Fuji X-A7 + Kit Lens.
The reason I chose Fuji is because it is a stock model that can pick up Ha quite well.
However, I don't use it with a long-focus telescope, but rather use it with a single-focus camera lens for starry sky photos.
Today was not a sunny day either, but the stars were occasionally visible, so I took a test shot.
First, I tried to shoot Antares, which is sometimes visible, with the Kit Lens without any filters on the back street of Bortle 7.
5 seconds x 5 frames (25 seconds) at ISO 3200. Lens was 15mm, F/3.5 open.
With this setting, even if I stacked it at the star base, the ground objects were not blurred.
In other words, it feels like an old style starry sky photo.
The camera has surprisingly little noise, and I can't believe that a new one with the Kit Lens was sold for less than 50,000 yen (400 USD) five years ago.
The Kit Lens is not bad for ground objects, but it's no good for stars. Well, there were clouds, so I'll try again next time when there are no clouds... but I'd like to take a real shot if I get a chance during this rainy season.

For now, my first goal on the back street of Bortle 7 in East Pattaya is to capture the Milky Way in an old style starry sky photo. After that, I think the next one will be a new starry sky of the Milky Way on Bortle 7.
To be honest, it's easier to photograph new stars because you can increase the exposure time for the stars, but I don't think that would be any fun if you were doing it as a project.

昨年まで住んでいた借家は庭も広く、周りが家に囲まれていたのでかなり直接光害はブロックできておりBortle 6の環境であった。今の家のBackyardはキッチにされてしまい観測場所がない。よってここから250km北にリモート観測所をタイの友人と4人で造った次第だ。
手軽に撮れる星景星野でもやろうかなと思い24mm F/1.4の中古のレンズを探していたところ、
やたらとFujiのXAシリーズが出てくる。値段を見るとレンズより安い。なかなか狙っているレンズが手頃な価格で見つからないので、作戦変更でFuji X-A7+Kit Lensという5年前のミラーレスをポチってしまった。

まずは、Bortle 7の裏の道でフィルターも何もつけずにKit Lensで時々見えるアンタレスを狙ってみた。
ISO 3200で5秒X5 フレーム(25秒)。Lensは15mm, F/3.5 開放。
カメラは驚くほどノイズも少なく5年前に新品がKit Lens付きで5万円(400USD)を切る価格で売られていたというのが信じられない。
Kit Lensは地上物は悪くないが、星はダメダメな感じ。まー雲があったので、次回は雲のない時に再挑戦はしてみようかな、、、、、、でもこの雨季にそんなチャンスがあれば本撮影したいしな〜。

とりあえずEast PattayaのBortle 7のBack Streetでの最初の目標はOldスタイルの星景写真で天の川まで写し込みたい。その次が同じくBortle 7の天の川の新星景かな。

Place: Astropical@East Pattaya Back Street (Bortle Class 7, Moon Phase 0.1%)
Shot Date:7th / Jun / 2024 21:56 (UTC+7)
Fujinon XC 15-45 f/3.5-5.5 (15mm F/3.5)
One shot colour   5X5Secs Total 25 secs

Total 25 secs

Palette: RGB
ISO: 3200
CCD:Fuji X-A7
Mount :Just Tripot
De-Rotator : None
Guide: None.
Controler: None
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle None (Not using Flat)
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki