The Omega Centauri Cluster (オメガ・ケンタウリ星団) NGC5139

One of last year's challenges was ``I want to be able to see the stars of the cluster over a wider area.''
I added Signal to solve this problem.
When the stars are brought out this far, this globular cluster looks like an ellipse rather than a circle.
I feel like I achieved my goals, so this season is over.
Normally, I only adjust the brightness, saturation, and halo to adjust the star colors after performing color calibration, but this time I was inspired by HUBBLE's "CORE OF OMEGA CENTAURI" and greatly emphasized the star colors. .
I think it's easier to see the distribution of red and blue stars this way.

普段星の色はカラーキャリブレーションを行った後は輝度と彩度とハローの調整する程度だが、今回はHUBBLEの”CORE OF OMEGA CENTAURI”に刺激され、星の色を大幅に強調して見た。

Place: Astropical@CSky Observatory (Bortle Class 3, Moon Phase 0.6%)
Shot Date:9th / Apr / 2024 2:46 (UTC+7)
Old RGB  Data:28th / Feb/ 2023
TS TSRC10T Carbon Truss Prime Focus (250mm F/8 f/2000mm)
Filter: Antlia V-series L filter , SVbony RGB set
L  36X30Secs Total 18minutes
R: 40X 30Secs Total 20minutes
G: 40X 30Secs Total 20minutes
B: 46X 30Secs Total 23minutes
Old RGB  (UV/IR) 106 minutes (QHY 294M-Pro)

Total 3 hour 7 minutes

Palette: Target  L-RGB
              Star RGB
Gain: 150 , Offset 5
CCD: Player One Artemis-M Pro Bin2
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
De-Rotator : Wanderer Mini V2 (0 Deg)
Guide: SVBony 60mm F/4, QHY290C.
Controler: NINA Dither, PHD2
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle None,No Flat
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki