Balance Test For RC10 Prime Focus At CSky Remote Site.
CSky 観測所でのRC10 Prime Focusテスト

My CEM70G is quite time consuming, but when I was shooting in the backyard,
The defective guide was tricked by adjusting the balance and clutch screw.
Since this is not possible when operating at an observatory, I used a reducer to reduce the focal length to F/8 => F/5.3 to stop the star.
Over the past six months, I've come to understand the meaning of various parameters of Manto and PHD2, and I wonder if I can operate F/8 just by adjusting the software. That's what I thought.
I was beginning to notice a clear difference in power between the 2000mm and 1340mm focal lengths with the same 10inch aperture.
The biggest bottleneck this time was the EFW with seven 2-inch filters. I also have a 5-disc pack, but just adding two extra discs is so big that it makes me wake up. 700g main body + 7 2inch filters weighs about 1k. As expected, it is difficult to maintain balance when 1kg is moved around.
So, I made my own counter weight for EFW and installed it. (CW is 4 scientific 100g weights)
I also removed the reducer and returned to Prime Focus at F/8 FL=2000mm.
I tested it with various people, and it seems a little lenient in the east, but there seems to be no problem in the west. The earing is also soft and seems to be covered by adjustment.
For now, here is a photo of Messier 8 taken in 50 minutes at the end of the test.
This is a test shot for a guide, so I don't really care about the color, but the blue wasn't enough.
ついでにReducerも外しF/8 FL=2000mmのPrime Focusに戻した。
とりあえずTestの最後に50分で撮影したTestショットのMessier 8の写真をUpです。

Lumi 6 X 180secs
RGB 2X 180secs each
Ha 3X 300Secs

Total 51 Minutes