The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy L-RGB Ver (大バード・スパイラル・銀河) NGC1365

I photographed the galaxy once a few years ago, but that time I was unable to take an exposure for even an hour because the roof of my neighbor's house obstructed it.
Still, the characteristic Z-shaped arms were visible, so I decided it was OK at that time.
This time I wanted to see the pale arms that wrap around themselves like the circle of wisdom, so I planned to take a lot of time to take pictures, but clouds and rain got in the way, and it took me 4 days to take pictures for just over 5 hours, but I could clearly see the circle of wisdom, so this season Is this OK?


Place: Astropical@CSky Observatory (Bortle Class 3, Moon Phase 14.7%)
Shot Date:6th / Feb / 2024 20:34 (UTC+7)
TS TSRC10T Carbon Truss + Reducer x 0.67 (250mm F/5.3 f/1340mm)
Filter: SVbony LRGB sets
L: 35X 180Secs Total 105minute
R: 17X 180Secs Total 51minute
G: 17X 180Secs Total 51minute
B: 17X 180Secs Total 51minute
Ha: 12X 300Secs Total 60minute
Total 5 hours 18minutes

Palette: Target  L-HaRGB
              Star L-RGB
Gain: 200
CCD: ZWO ASI294mm Pro Bin2
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
De-Rotator : Wanderer Mini V2 (0 Deg)
Guide: iOptron iGuide in CEN70G, No Dec guide.
Controler: NINA Dither, PHD2
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle None
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki

                                                               L-HaRGB Version


                                                                 L-RGB Version