The Haley’s Coronet Galaxy  (ハレーの宝冠) NGC 1532,1531

When I looked back at last season's same target photo , there were a lot of things I wasn't satisfied with, so I tried again. I tried to use neutral processing instead of forcing the local stretch like last time. 
The larger one is NGC 1532. NGC 1531 is a dwarf galaxy adjacent to the north. You can see that the arm is clearly deformed due to the effects of NGC1531. The surrounding galaxies are also beautiful, so use a wide FOV. 

昨年撮影した写真を見返すと色々納得いかない部分があったので再挑戦。 前回のような無理やりなLocal Stretchをせずニュートラルなプロセッシングに心がけた。 
大きい方がNGC 1532。NGC 1531は北側に隣接している矮小銀河。 NGC1531の影響で腕が明らかに変形してるのがわかる。 周辺の銀河も綺麗なので広めのFOVで。

Place: Astropical@CSky Observatory (Bortle Class 3, Moon Phase 61.2%)
Shot Date:21th / Nov / 2023 23:30 (UTC+7)
TS TSRC10T Carbon Truss + Reducer x 0.67 (250mm F/5.3 f/1340mm)
Filter: SVBony LRGB set

L:30X 180Secs Total 90minute
R: 10X 180Secs Total 30minute
G: 10X 180Secs Total 30minute
B: 10X 180Secs Total 30minute

Total 3 hours

Palette: Target  LRGB( and R combine)
              Star LRGB

Gain: 200
CCD: ZWO ASI294mm Pro Bin2
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
Guide: SVBony 60mm F/4, QHY290C
Controler: NINA Dither
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle None
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki