The Trifid Nebula (三列星雲) Messier 20

This may be the last shot from the backyard of this house. (If I say so, Clear Sky will continue, but...)
I wanted to take another picture as a souvenir, so I looked up at the sky every day, but there were only clouds and rain.
There was a little Clear Sky today for the first time in 15 days. When I pointed the telescope at it, I was able to photograph it for only 10 minutes.
Ironically, it's only 10 minutes long and seems like the best M20 I've ever shot.However, the coma aberration on the right side of this Reducer is hideous.
The rural observatory I am building with my friend is progressing well, the walls are complete and the Slide Roof is complete.
It looks like it will be ready for the new season.

友人と共同で建築中の田舎の観測所は順調に進んでいて、壁ができてSlide Roofも骨組みが完成した。

Place: Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase 30.6%)
Shot Date:24th / Jul / 2023 23:12(UTC+7)
TS TSRC10T Carbon Truss + Reducer x 0.67 (250mm F/5.3 f/1340mm)
Filter: SVBony RGB set and Optolong 3nmHa.
R: 2 X 120Secs Total 4minute
G: 1 X 120Secs Total 2minute
B: 1 X 120Secs Total 2minute
Ha: 1 X 120Secs Total 2minutes

Total 10minutes

Palette Pic1: Target: HaRGB
             Star: RGB
Palette Pic2: Target: SHO (Sync)
             Star: RGB
Gain: 200
CCD: ZWO ASI294mm Pro Bin2
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
Guide: SVBony 60mm F/4, ZWO QHY290C
Controler: NINA Dither None
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle None
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki