The Supernova Remnant at Lobster Nebula (超新星残骸@ロブスタ星雲) SNR G353.2+00.9

Well, I thought it would be relatively easy to show the internal structure of the object because it was a bright subject, but it was too bright and it was difficult to bring out the contrast.
As a result, it became a level of investigating the structure by sharpening the blur as much as possible.
Because of the forced exposure, there was a lot of noise, and even with all kinds of NR, it wasn't a perfect match, and I ended up focusing more on the noise than the Target.
For the time being, in order to make the part that I want to see first, I ended up blurring the part with severe noise in Local units. It may be the last line for astronomical photography.


Place: Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase 86.7%)
Shot Date:30th / Jun / 2023 0:08(UTC+7) Start 3nights session
TS TSRC10T Carbon Truss Prime focus (250mm F/8 f/2000mm)
Filter: SVBony LRGB set and Optilong 3nmHa,Oiii,Sii.
R: 2 X 30Secs Total 1minute
G: 2 X 30Secs Total 1minute
B: 2 X 30Secs Total 1minute
Ha: 22 X 180Secs Total 66minutes
Oiii: 22 X 180Secs Total 66minutes
Total 2Hour 35minutes

Palette Target: SHO (Sync)
             Star: RGB
Gain: 200
CCD: ZWO ASI294mm Pro Bin2
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
Guide: SVBony 60mm F/4, ZWO QHY290C
Controler: NINA Dither 3 and 10
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle x2.0 Droplet 1.0
Post-Processing PI,PS Resample X1.5@PS
Shot By Taro Seki