The Fighting Dragons Of Ara Nebula (ファイティング・ドラゴン星雲) NGC6188、NGC6164

The 6th collaboration with Christian Gow@Brisbane

Just when I was stressed because I couldn't shoot due to bad weather, my friend Christien Gow from Brisbane asked me again, "Would you like to try this?"
Many of the pictures have a fairly dark tone, inspired by the name of the nebula. However, since the high-quality details and unexpectedly prevalent dark bands are present, I inherited the bright tone of Christian's original edit, and added contrast and color weighting in GHS so that the surrounding dark bands and colors would not depend on pastels. I tried adjusting.
At first, I adjusted it with contrast and color correction, but it was still unnatural, so I tried again with GHS.

Thank you Christian for your friendship again!!

連日の悪天候でなかなか撮影ができなくてストレスが溜まってるところに、またまたブリスベンの親友Christien Gowが「これやってみる?」と9パネルモザイクの超高画質の画像を差し入れてくれた。

Thank you Christian for your friendship again!!

Shot And Integration By Christian Gow. Processing By Taro Seki
Palette Target,Stars:SHO