The Center Of Eagle Nebula And Star Queen (わし星雲中心部とStar Queen) Messier 16


I found a clear nights and slowly collected signals for 20 minutes on some days, 30 minutes on other days, and 1 hour on other days. Also, using the data from last season, I managed to reach the planned exposure time of about 15 hours.
Small Eagle (the pillar of creation) can't beat Hubble, so I pulled out the surrounding objects.
(1) The glowing eyes of the black wolf's face in the upper inverted triangle and the dark clouds around them
(2) Jack-in-the-box kid wolf popping out from the left
(3) The dark nebula on the left and the edge of the blue nebula
(4) Multiple ripples running from upper left to lower right in the gray nebula on the center right
I read a research presentation that the star in the upper right of this photo has traces of a supernova explosion about 8000 years ago, and that the shock wave may not exist now as the pillar of creation. Since the distance to this nebula is about 7000 light years, it seems that the supernova explosion could be observed from the earth 1000 years ago. Will we not be able to see this in the next few thousand years?
It's a waste.

Small Eagle(創造の柱)はHubbleに勝てないので、周辺のObjectを引き出してみた。

Place: Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase Multi Nights)
Start Shot Date:21st / Jun / 2021 (UTC+7)
End Shot Date 24th/Jul/2022  (UTC+7)
TS RC10 Truss Prime Focus(250mm F/8 f/2000mm)
filter: Optolong 3nm SHO,L-eXtreme,L-Pro ,SVbony RGB
For Target
Ha 104X180 secs 312 minutes
Oiii: 103X180 secs 309 minutes
Sii: 68X180 secs 204 minutes
For Stars
LPro+Red: 40X30 secs 20 minutes
LPro+Green: 40X30 secs 20 minutes
LPro+Blue: 40X30 secs 20 minutes
Total 14 hours.45minutes
Palette: Target:L(Syn)-SHO, Stars:RGB
Gain: 120 Offset 30,BIN2
CCD: ASI294mm Pro
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
Guide: SVbony 60mm F/4 f/240mm , QHY 290C
Controler:NINA,PHD2 Dithering 5pix, 6 frames each
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle 1.5 Droplet 8
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki