The Propeller Galaxy (プロペラ銀河) NGC7479

new season start

For the past three years, I have not been able to take any pictures in July, and although I declared the season off a few weeks ago, I have already been able to shoot for more than six days in July this year. This is more than February, which is the peak of the season this year.
Therefore, we decided to start the new season three months early.
When I wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and look up at the sky, I can shoot. I made hasty preparations, and while the CCD was cooling down, I decided on a target that I could manage to capture in an hour.
Well, with the 540mm HS11, thanks to Fast, I could take good pictures of the faint parts around the Arm, but I couldn't get the detailed parts of the dark belt.
If I have a chance in the future, I would like to shoot at 2000mm.


Place: Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase 0.7%)
Shot Date:29th / Jul / 2022 3:4 (UTC+7)
Celestron C11 HyperStar C11 (2800mm F/1.9 f/540mm)
filter: Optolon L-Pro
L-Pro 23X180Secs 69minutes
Total 1 Hour 9 minutes
Palette: Target : RGB (OSC=> Separate Channel=> Combine)
Gain: 10、BIN1
Mount :iOptron CEM70G
Guide: SVBony 60mm F/4, QHY290C
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle 2.0 Droplet 0.9
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki