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The Heart Of Lion Nebula (ライオン星雲の中心部) SH2-132 Re-Stack+Re-Process

When I was re-editing Lion Nebula the other day, I was strongly attracted to the center of this nebula, so I added the data taken with the unused OSC Duo Band and re-edited from Stack exclusively for this Target. I tried it.
Before this edit, I was curious about Beam extending from left to right in the center, so I looked it up, but I couldn't find the answer.
When I asked the FB group a question, I received many replies.
Among them, several people thought, "Isn't Wolf-Rayet Star created by stimulating the Dust of Oiii there?"Certainly, it seems that WR153ab and WR152 exist in this area, and I thought that the guess was very accurate.
Meanwhile, Richard Wright of Astropal gave me a treatise to support this.
It was the content that supported the content that everyone considered.

Thank you everyone.

先日ライオンネブラの再編集をしている時に、この星雲の中心部に強く惹かれたので、未使用のOSC DuoBandで撮影してあったデータも足して、スッタックからこのTarget専用に編集をし直してみた。
その中で数名の方が、特に新潟の渡辺巨匠は詳細に「Wolf-Rayet StarがそこにあるOiiiのDustを刺激して作り出してるものではないか?」という考察をいただいた。
そんな中、AstropalのRichard Wrightさんがこれを裏付ける論文を教えてくれた。

Place: Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase Many date)
Last shot Date:10th / Oct / 2021 21:49 (UTC+7)
Start Aug-Oct/2021 Multi days shots.
Celestron C11 HyperStar C11 (2800mm F/1.9 f/540mm)
filter: IDS NBZ,Baader Highspeed Ultra Narrow Band.
NBZ 90X60Secs 90minutes
Ha 3.5nm 30 X 120Secs 60minutes
Oiii 4.0nm 42 X 120Sec 82minutes
Total 3 Hours 52 minutes
Palette: HOO (False)
Gain: 120、BIN2
CCD: ZWO ASI294MC Pro and ASI294MM Pro
Mount :iOptlon CEM70G、Celestron AVX
Guide: iOptlon iGuider 30mm F/4, SVBony 30mm F/4, ZWO ASI120M-mini
Pre-Processing APP Drizzle X2.0, Droplet 0.8
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki