Arcturus and Spica

Arcturus, the red star of Boötes, and Spica, the blue star of Virgo.
Both are famous stars that make up the Spring Triangle, Spring Diamond.
Arcturus, a red giant that runs out of hydrogen and shines red with helium, and Spica, which shines blue near the vernal equinox, are also called couple stars in Japan.
Arcturus is doing a proper motion toward Spica because he misses Spica, and it seems that he will be close to each other in tens of thousands of years.
I would like to take a picture of red and blue 1st magnitude stars nestling next to each other in 1 frame, but it's a shame because no human being has such a long life.

赤と青の1等星が隣同士で寄り添う姿を1 Frameで撮影したいが、そんな寿命が長い人類はいないので残念だな〜。

Shot By Taro Seki 12th/May/2022 at Backyard East Pattaya.
TS RC10,QHY183C 30Sec. L-Pro.