Summer Milky Way Live Video

Workshop@ Sa Keo Thailand.

My first live video(No stacking video).
When I started astronomical photography three years ago, Japanese astronomers and individual American astronomers on Youtube put Sony Alpha A7Sii called Dark Light Monster into HyperStar F2.0 and DSO. I've always wanted to do this since I saw it shot on Live.
I bought Samyang's 85mm F / 1.4 a few years ago for research purposes and tried various things, but the Milky Way does not appear on the monitor at all.
One of the reasons I bought the C11 + HyperStar V4 was because I wanted to shoot DSO live with this mechanism.
However, I didn't feel like trying it with F / 2 because the Milky Way didn't appear at F / 1.4.
This time, the venue of Work Shop near the border with Cambodia is "It's dark !! Moreover, because it is reserved, all Light can be controlled !!" I feel like trying Live Video again.
The monitor display in photo mode did not seem to be linked to the shutter speed, so only the stars were shown. When I set it to Video mode as a trial, it seems that the display on the monitor and the shutter speed are linked in this case, and when I raise the ISO, the Milky Way is reflected on the monitor. I was excited by myself.
Of course, the quality is not as good as the footsteps of long-exposure and stacked photographs, but It is OK,"what I can see is what I can't see with the naked eye". It matches the sole purpose of the photo.
From now on, I will bring A7Sii and 85mm F / 1.4 as much as possible when traveling. Or rather, I wanted a 35mm F / 0.95.

3年前に天体撮影を始めた頃、Youtubeで日本の天体観測グループの方々、アメリカの個人の天文家の方がHyperStar F2.0にDark Light Monsterと呼ばれているSony Alpha A7Siiをはめ込んでDSOをLiveで撮影したのを見て以来ずーっとこれがやりたかった。
調査用ということで数年前にSamyangの85mm F/1.4を買って色々試したが全然モニタに天の川は映ってこない。
今回カンボジアとの国境近くでのWorkShopの会場は「暗いです!!、しかも貸切なのでLightは全て制御できます!!」とのこと。再度Live Videoを試してみる気が湧いてきた。
これから旅行の時はできるだけA7Siiと85mm F/1.4は持参することにしよう。というか、35mm F/0.95が欲しくなった。

Place Workshop @ Sa keo Thailand
Sony Alpha 7 Sii ISO 128,000,Frame Rate 30fps, SS 1/4 sec
Les: Samyang 85mm F/1.4 F Stop 1.4
Filter:Optolong:L-Pro 2"
Mount: Optron CEM25P
Shot by Taro Seki