Antares-Rho Ophiuchi Region (アンタレス・カラー・コンプレックス)Sh2-9,IC4603-4606,M4

Astrophoto workshop@Sa Keo

Colorful and beautiful Region.
Target that tried more than 10 times in Pattaya and never succeeded.
I wonder if it must be a clear sky.
I wanted to have a pastel color, but it was difficult for me to pastel.


Place: Sa Keo Thailand (Bortle Class 2, Moon Phase 67.1%)
Shot Date :12th / Mar / 2022 03:24 (UTC+7) Start
Samyamg 85mm F/1.4
filter: Optlong L-Pro
120X30 secs 60 minutes
Total 1hour
Palette: RGB
ISO: 128,000
Camera: Sony Alpha 7Sii (IR pass modyfied)
Mount :iOptron CEM25P
Guide:No guide
Controler:No use
Pre-Processing APP
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki