The Statue Of Liberty Nebula(自由の女神星雲) NGC3576,NGC3603

Collaboration with my Sunshine coast mate Christian Gow.
The Statue of Liberty, shot at the Star Party last month, crawls on the ground, and the result is almost like a commemorative photo of Target, the southernmost point for me.
Seeing such a Poor photo, Astropal Christian Gow san, who lives on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane in Queensland, the mainland of the southern sky, sent a wonderful 5-hour Ha Stacked Data.
He was surprised to try the temporary Stretch of the Ha data he received. What a wonderful detail! !!
I combined it over and over again and repeated the assignment of Palette, and finally I thought that this was the one that could express this Object and the present era, so I summarized it around Red.
Thank you Christian. Thank you for your Friendship.

先月のStar Partyで撮影した自由の女神は地を這うように撮影し、結果はほぼ自分にとって最南端のTargetの記念撮影という感じであった。
そんなPoorな写真を見て、南天の本境地クイーンズランドのブリスベンの北に位置するSunshine Coastに住むAstropalの Christian Gow sanが素晴らしい5時間強のHa のStacked Dataを送ってくださった。

Place: Ha: Sunshine coast Queensland Australia.
Oiii: Saraburi Thailand
Processing Date : 7th / Mar / 2022(UTC+7)
Ha: 315 minutes (By Christian Gow)
Oiii: 60 mintes (By Taro Seki)
Total 6 hours 15 minutes
Pre-Processing PI,APP
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Christian Gow, Taro Seki
Post Process By Taro Seki