The Wild Ducks In The Sunset Sky (野がも星団) Messier 11

I could see the Arcturus in the evening, so I started testing the NINA and PHD2 guides.
When I was doing that, the sky became wide open, so when I pointed the telescope at the Wild Duck Cluster in Scutum, which I couldn't take last time, Plate Solving succeeded in one shot, and the star cluster came in the middle. ..
I intended to edit it visually, but it didn't work with my Skill. Therefore, I changed my strategy and took advantage of the land in the Milky Way to create all the stars and light interstellar clouds.
Separate RGB from OSC files and synthetically create L channels. It also converts RGB format to HSV format and calibrates star colors.
It was Messier 11 with an impressive dense blue star cluster on a red background like a sunset.
No Crop, No Star Reduction, which is rare for me.

Place: Backyard East Pattaya (Bortle Class 6, Moon Phase 0.0%)
Date:7th / Aug / 2021 23:46(UTC+7) Start
WO GT102 Triplet APO 102mmPrime focus (102mm F/7 f/700mm)
L-Pro:60 X 10Secs 10minutes
Total 10minutes
Palette: L(Synthetic )-RGB
Gain: 120、BIN1
Filter: Optolong L-Pro.
Mount :Celestron AVX
Guide: SVBony 30mm F/4, ZWO ASI120Mm-MINI
Pre-Processing APP
Post-Processing PI,PS
Shot By Taro Seki